FIFA’s Fatma Samoura Takes Charge Of CAF

FIFA’s Secretary General Fatma Samoura will as of today also serve as FIFA General Delegate for Africa. In the position Samoura will work alongside CAF President Ahmad Ahmad to institute a series of reforms at the federation aimed at improving governance.

During her time in the position Samoura will oversee operational management of CAF, ensure the efficient and processional organisation of competitions, and support the growth and development of football in CAF countries. A full forensic audit of the body is also expected to take place under her watch.

Samoura, a former United Nations official, will serve in the position for six months with the possibility of an extension should both organisations support such a move.

The move follows a string of allegations against CAF’s Ahmad. Ahmad was briefly detained by authorities in France earlier this year and is the subject of an ethics investigation by FIFA.

Blessing Mwangi