Lawyers Gear Up To Defend Lissu’s Parliamentary Seat

Lawyers acting on behalf of Tanzania’s Singida East MP Tundu Lissu are gearing up to challenge the Speaker of Parliament who has declared his seat vacant.

Lissu, who previously served as opposition Chief Whip, remains in Belgium where he has been undergoing medical treatment since he was shot several times in September 2017. While the assailants have not been identified accusations that the attack was politically motivated have circulated, given that Lissu has been a prominent and popular critic of the government. 

The Speaker announced his decision to depose Lissu in June on the basis that the opposition MP has not attended Parliament for a long time and that he has failed to list his assets and debts in accordance with the Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act.

Lissu is challenging the decision with a case filed at the High Court this week and will be represented by lawyers Peter Kibatala, Jeremiah Mbesya, John Malya and Fred Kalonga.

Blessing Mwangi